International Astronautical Congress 2023

Manuscripts presented at the 74th International Astronautical Congress, Baku (AZ), October 2nd-6th, 2023. Copyright by IAF.

Abel, F., Castro Garcia, C., Ahola, P., & Ferent, C. F. (2023). Antenna placement and architecture for a wind-driven, spheroid Tumbleweed rover on Mars.
Buryak, D., Coman, M., Phillips, A., Sandrieser, M., & Rothenbuchner, J. (2023). Minimal-heating thermal management design for low-mass, power-constrained Tumbleweed mobile impactors on Mars.
Cohen, L., Renoldner, M., Kapadia, M., Vicovan, D.-A., Mahmood, F., Mikulskytė, O., & Rothenbuchner, J. (2023). Pre-Phase A study of an innovative, low-cost Demonstration Mission of Tumbleweed mobile impactors on Mars.
Kingsnorth, J., Bonanno, L., de Vet, S., Shanbhag, A., Tjokrosetio, D., Pikulic, L., Mikulskytė, O., & Rothenbuchner, J. (2023). Constraining the geological history and modern geomorphology of Mars using high resolution and multispectral cameras on a swarm of wind-driven mobile impactors.
Mikulskytė, O., Finan, A., Rothenbuchner, J., & Fourie, J. (2023). Making deep space more accessible for all through inclusive involvement in a volunteer-based research lab.
Neumeister, N., Maximchuk, M., Zambolin, M., Placke, B., Eggenfellner, Y., Osman, A., Mafoutsis, Y., Ilegitim, S., Sandrieser, M., & Rothenbuchner, J. (2023). Unfolding methods of a two orders of magnitude mechanical volume reduced spheroid Tumbleweed Mobile Impactor.
Renoldner, M., Rothenbuchner, J., Cohen, L., Kapadia, M., Mahmood, F., & Vicovan, D. (2023). A semi-stochastic, numeric simulation tool in model based systems engineering for tumbleweed rovers.
San Miguel, E. (2023). A tracking solution via a network of beacons on the surface of Mars using the Tumbleweed mobile impactors.
Shanbhag, A., Sorek Abramovich, R., Kingsnorth, J., Tjokrosetio, D., Mikulskytė, O., & Rothenbuchner, J. (2023). A new approach for the search of biosignatures and assessment of habitability on Mars using a swarm of wind-driven mobile impactors.
Shanbhag, A., Kingsnorth, J., Reid, D., Menicucci, A., Cozzolongo, G., Tjokrosetio, D., Mikulskytė, O., & Rothenbuchner, J. (2023). In-situ Investigation of Mars atmosphere and ionizing radiation environment through a distributed network of Tumbleweed Measurement Stations.
Tjokrosetio, D., Kingsnorth, J., Shanbhag, A., Piculić, L., Manelski, H., Rothenbuchner, J., Mikulskytė, O., Cozzolongo, G., & Westenberg, A. (2023). Identification of Human Landing Sites on Mars with a Swarm of Wind-Driven Mobile Impactors.

54th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 2023

Published by the LPI.

Mikulskytė, O., Kingsnorth, J., Manelski, H., Pikulić, L., Shanbhag, A., Tjokrosetio, D., Cozzolongo, G., Renoldner, M., & Rothenbuchner, J. (2023). Science Objectives of the Tumbleweed Mission – Swarm-Based, Wind-Driven Rover Mars Exploration. Links:; Conference Poster

International Astronautical Congress 2022

Manuscripts presented at the 73rd International Astronautical Congress, Paris (FR), September 18th-23rd, 2022. Copyright by IAF.

Rothenbuchner, J., Mikulskyte, O., & Root, B. (2022). Martian Interior Investigation Using Distributed Geodetic Sensor Network in the Tharsis Region of Mars.

Rothenbuchner, J., Cohen, L., Abel, F., Buryak, D., Cuervo, K., Kingsnorth, J., Mikulskyte, O., Phillips, A., Renoldner, M., & Sandrieser, M. (2022). The Tumbleweed Mission: Enabling Novel Mars Data Sets through Low-Cost Rover Swarms.

Abel, F., Ferent, C., Sundaramoorthy, P., & Thilak Rajan, R. (2022). Communications architecture for martian surface exploration with a swarm of wind-driven rovers.


Systems Engineering

Rothenbuchner, J., Kingsnorth, J., Cuervo, K., Renoldner, M., Kapadia, M., Wiesen, P., Harris, S., & Resinck, M. (2022). Initial Pre-Phase A study of the Tumbleweed Demonstrator Mission.

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