Join our HR Team!

Join our HR Team!

Do you get excited by the prospect of exploring space and the universe?
Do you have a passion for people, culture, and organizational psychology?
Would you like to work in a dynamic, international team of exciting minds?

Then Team Tumbleweed might be the right place for you!

We are an international team of young scientists designing the next generation of Mars Rovers and we are currently looking for new members for our HR Team.
We are in the starting meters of a long road to Mars and not currently able to pay wages. Until then we hope to find motivated people who share our vision of a Deep Space for Everyone.

The HR Team’s main responsibility is making sure that Team Tumbleweed becomes the best team we could possibly be. This includes creating and cultivating a vibrant culture that is not only creative, but also unique, interwoven and loving. Therefore HR has to actively participate in the development of the organization, designing environments and processes that actively enable members to flourish. Moreover, one of the most important endeavors HR is occupied with is the recruiting, interviewing and onboarding of carefully selected members. Another important task that the HR team is confronted with is making sure internal communication between Teams as well as cultural norms are upheld to our values and vision.

As a result, we are looking for someone with the following qualities: Applicants should bring an open mindset combined with a clear, proactive communication style. Being proficient in English and having a professional approach to working in teams are therefore essential. The ability to think outside the box is another priority we expect an applicant to bring to the table. Lastly, knowledge of people and social skills are crucial for being a successful HR member.
Being an HR Team Member at Team Tumbleweed is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on human resources, management, organizational psychology, space exploration, Mars, strategy making, and much more. It is also a unique opportunity to have an impact on the forefront of the current space industry. Most importantly however you will get to know and become friends with incredibly talented people. And there are some additional perks like being part of an international team, improving your CV, and developing connections to key players in the space industry like Airbus, ESA or voestalpine. Furthermore, at Team Tumbleweed, you have the freedom to work in a unique and vibrant culture.

Apply here – we look forward to having you on our Team!

Join the road to Mars!