Join our Prototyping Team!

Join our Prototyping Team!

Do you have a passion for aerospace engineering?
Do you get excited by the prospect of exploring space and the universe?

Would you like to work in a dynamic, international team of exciting minds?

Then Team Tumbleweed might be the right place for you!

We are an international team of young scientists designing the next generation of Mars Rovers and we are currently looking for Structural, Software and Electrical Engineers
We are in the starting meters of a long road to Mars and not currently able to pay wages. Until then we hope to find motivated people who share our vision of a Deep Space for Everyone.

Our Prototyping Team in Vienna is concerned with the construction and improvement of the current Tumbleweed rover prototypes. Moreover, the team will be crucial in the design process of the next generation of prototypes. The work in this team is diverse, manifold and it can require manual work. The examination and integration of suitable solutions requires the applicant to demonstrate insight into the development of structural systems and willingness to learn in a team. 

For Structural Engineers, experience and skills in some of the following areas is recommended:
  • Structural Mechanics (Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Structural Design)
  • CAD Software and its design workflow/process (Fusion360, Solidworks, AutoCAD, Catia)
  • Interest in hands-on-work and working with different materials and tools
For Software or Electrical Engineers, experience and skills in some of the following areas is recommended:
  • Circuit design and manufacturing
  • Python, C/C++, MatLab
Being a Prototeam Engineer at Team Tumbleweed is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on structural/electrical/software development in aerospace engineering, problem solving, space exploration, and much more. It is also a unique opportunity to have an impact on the forefront of the current space industry. Most importantly, however, you will get to know and become friends with incredibly talented people. And there are some additional perks like being part of an international team, improving your CV, and developing connections to key players in the space industry like ESA or voestalpine. Furthermore, at Team Tumbleweed, you have the freedom to work in a unique and vibrant culture.

Apply here – we look forward to having you on our Team!

Join the road to Mars!