Construction V3 Prototype


While simulations and virtual renderings are essential for the design of the Tumbleweed Mars rover, a physical prototype is necessary to realize issues in construction and behavior. In preparation for the Austrian Space Forum’s AMADEE20 mission in Israel, our Aerospace Engineering Vienna team, together with Electrical Development Vienna, spent the first half of 2020 assembling and improving the Tumbleweed V3 prototype. This included strengthening the rover’s arcs and making the connectors more durable in our Vienna workshop provided to us by the voestalpine. With the construction of the V3 prototype complete, Aerospace Engineering Vienna will move on to support our Delft teams with the design and later construction of the V4 prototype.

Unfortunately, the AMADEE20 mission to Israel has been postponed due to Covid-19 measures. We look forward to hopefully participating in 2021!