Team Tumbleweed x Aerospace Innovation Hub​

Team Tumbleweed x Aerospace Innovation Hub

We are extremely excited to announce that we are now part of the Aerospace Innovation Hub (AIH) at the TU Delft. It is a huge honor for us to join this community. The AIH is a community that connects aerospace start-ups, academics, students, corporates, and industry professionals. The Hub offers a broad range of ways to create a network in the aerospace community and to encourage further development of our mission. The AIH supports us greatly in moving closer to achieving our goals. 

We joined the Hub in September 2021 and have used the past few months to get settled in and get to know all their offers. The AIH offers a large Aerospace and Drones network and helps the participants to get connected. The AIH is a non-profit organization, we merely pay a monthly fee, for which we receive all of their offers, such as extremely valuable connections, access to interesting events, an office, and a large common meeting space for our team members based in Delft.

Inside of our Delft office with chairs and desks

Being a part of this program also gives us the opportunity to give back to the aerospace community. To be a member of the AIH means to exchange knowledge. We, as participants, are asked to bring innovation to the program, share ambitions with the community, provide projects to students, and give back to the next generation of aerospace pioneers.

Additionally, the AIH not only has various amazing offers, but it is also a huge honor to work with them as partners. The TU Delft has a lot of valuable connections in the space industry. The University does the most planetary research in Europe after ESA. Many aerospace engineering students who graduate from the TU Delft go on to work at ESA. Therefore, being part of the AIH is the next important step of integrating ourselves into the aerospace network which the TU Delft has built.

We are extremely grateful to be a part of this community and are excited for what’s to come.