International Astronautical Congress 2022

Proceedings of the International Astronautical Congress, IAC. Published by the IAF, with permission and released to the IAF to publish in all forms.

Rothenbuchner, J., Mikulskyte, O., & Root, B. (2022). Martian Interior Investigation Using Distributed Geodetic Sensor Network in the Tharsis Region of Mars.

Rothenbuchner, J., Cohen, L., Abel, F., Buryak, D., Cuervo, K., Kingsnorth, J., Mikulskyte, O., Phillips, A., Renoldner, M., & Sandrieser, M. (2022). The Tumbleweed Mission: Enabling Novel Mars Data Sets through Low-Cost Rover Swarms.

Abel, F., Ferent, C., Sundaramoorthy, P., & Thilak Rajan, R. (2022). Communications architecture for martian surface exploration with a swarm of wind-driven rovers.


Systems Engineering

Rothenbuchner, J., Kingsnorth, J., Cuervo, K., Renoldner, M., Kapadia, M., Wiesen, P., Harris, S., & Resinck, M. (2022). Initial Pre-Phase A study of the Tumbleweed Demonstrator Mission.

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