10. December 2018

Moritz Stephan

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As one of the original co-creators of Team Tumbleweed, Moritz’ work extends from general management and organization to software architecture, planning and programming. After graduating in 2018, he is currently working for the Austrian Army, but already set to start studying Aerospace Engineering (and play lacrosse) at Stanford University next fall.

What’s your favorite fact about space?

That fifteen countries work together on the ISS (and many more collaborate on other projects)! Space science and engineering is just so difficult, that it is vital for countries, companies, and people to cooperate, and I think that’s what makes it so special. Klaus-Dietrich Flade, the first German Astronaut on the MIR station, who I met two years ago, told me that for him, looking down on Earth made him realized how connected we all are. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to space (yet), but I do share his sentiment. This sense of unity and striving for progress together really is the essence of what space means to me.

How do you stay motivated after a setback?

One thing that really helps me is to get moving and hit the gym. Exhausting myself physically while listening to some chill techno music is when I can mentally take a step back and reflect on what has gone wrong. The positive feeling from working out gives me the energy to come up with an alternative plan that I feel confident in.

When did you first start taking an interest in astronomy/space exploration?

As far as I can think back, I have always been fascinated by the sheer thought that there is just SO much out there. Pragmatically speaking, we are located on a tiny rock drifting through a small corner of our galaxy–one of hundreds of billions. For me, thinking about this vast space for possible exploration and adventure immediately stirs up a feeling of motivation and excitement.

Do you have an unusual or weird talent?

I have a really deep voice and love the terminator movies, so I have become pretty good at doing a realistic Arnie impression – like a real Austrian.