Join Team Tumbleweed!

Join Team Tumbleweed!

Are you passionate about space and its exploration?

Would you like to work in a dynamic, international team of curious minds?

Are you currently a TU Delft student?


Then Team Tumbleweed might just be the place for you!

As an international team of young scientists designing the next generation of Mars Rovers, fresh input is always welcome. We are currently looking for:
  • General & Technical Management Members (development of our organization)
  • Software & Systems Engineers (design and implementation of data processing and onboard software)
  • Structural Engineers (mechanical and structural aspects of the Tumbleweed rover and management of the technical development process)
  • Electrical Engineers (electric and electronic aspects of the rover and design of subsystems fulfilling functions like power, computing, communications, sensors, mechanism activation)
Being a member of Team Tumbleweed is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge on team playing, space exploration, Mars, technical development, and much more. This is your chance to have an impact on the forefront of the current space industry! Most importantly however you will get to know and become friends with incredibly talented people. Additional perks include being part of an international team, adding an eye-catcher to your CV, and developing connections to key players in the space industry like Airbus, ESA, or voestalpine.
Team Tumbleweed is a very special place, teeming with a vibrant, colorful culture. It is part of our mission not to fall into the traps of doing things the conventional way just because pre-existing structures can be inhabited. We flourish on the fact that we can call most other members not just collaborators but more importantly friends. Moreover, we pride ourselves on the fact that inclusiveness and empathy are part of our core values.
Nevertheless, professionalism is one of the main pillars our organization rests upon.
As a result, we are looking for someone with the following qualities: Applicants should bring an open-minded approach to work combined with a proactive communication and cooperation style. Having the ability to work in a team that is constantly learning and adapting while doing so oneself is another important asset that has to be displayed by applicants. The ability to think outside the box and try to do things in unconventional ways is also essential.
We are in the starting meters of a long road to mars and not currently able to pay wages. Until then, we hope to find motivated people who share our vision of a Deep Space for everyone.
We will be taking applications until Sun 23rd of May 2021. Head to our application page and take the first step on your very own road to Mars!
We look forward to having you on our Team!